Max Ulichney


b. 1986, HK.


hello friend

I’m an artist who wears many hats, literally and artistically. As an animation art director and director, the majority of my career has been focused on CG supervision and production, skills which have fed back into my visual development and illustration work in the form of fun, production-worthy characters, and scenes with bold cinematography at the forefront. On the horizon I’m looking forward to creating inspiring tutorials and developing unique children’s books.

Much of my work is done using my very own MaxPacks brushes in Procreate on the iPad. Enjoy over 100 natural media brushes designed to give your digital paintings a richly textured traditional feel. It brings me so much joy to help other artists create their work. I think you’ll enjoy my brushes as much as I do.

Lots of exciting features are in the works for this newly-relaunched website. Stay tuned for lots of new video content, fine art, tutorials, books and merch.